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DeeperLife classes are in-depth discipleship opportunities that are offered at other times beyond Sunday AM Groups. These courses are designed to challenge you toward maturity in your faith and to a greater knowledge of God's Word as you seek to be a follower of Christ (a disciple).

We seek to carry out our vision of disciples making discples through helping people establish four points of connection in their lives.

  • Connect persons to Christ through faith and repentance.
  • Establish persons in a mature faith and in authentic community.
  • Equip and mentor persons toward sharing faith and serving others.
  • Multiply opportunities to engage believers in making disciples.


Spring 2017 Deeper Life Classes


We live in an age when everyone is trying to live richer, fuller lives. We're told to buy this, try that, eat those, and say no to the rest, as if that's all we need to do to make our lives complete.
Two thousand years ago, the church at Colossae faced similar challenges. The apostle Paul wrote a letter outlining the only way we can live complete lives: Christ. What can we learn today from this ancient church?

Called by many scholars the "most profound letter Paul ever wrote," Colossians warrants a careful, faithful study. In this short but exciting letter, Paul makes the case for the supremacy of Christ in all things. This class will call your attention to Paul's essential thoughts on living a complete life.

Teacher: Dr. Thurman Hayes, Jr.
Location: Adult 7
Time: Wednesday, 6:30 PM - Begins May 31, 2017. (5 Weeks)

Turning Everyday Conversations into Gospel Conversations

The single greatest obstacle for many believers when sharing the gospel is their ability to transition a conversation to spiritual matters. We are around people each day as we travel, go to ball games, and stand in line at the store. This class will teach you how to transition everyday conversations into gospel conversations by starting with the brokenness that’s all around us.

This class will give you a simple strategy to join God in his reconciliation work.

Teachers: Pastor Thurman Hayes, Jr. & Pastor David Edgell
Location: Adult 7 (G115)
Time: Wednesday, 6:30 PM– Began May 3, 2017
Cost: $10 (optional)

Exploring the Bible

In Ephesians 4:12, the Apostle Paul said that the purpose for providing church leaders is to EQUIP members of the body of Christ with the skills and knowledge to carry out their tasks of ministry. Each week we will be taking an in-depth look into the Sunday School lesson to gain content knowledge and process skills to assist in teaching and working with small groups.
Winter 2017— Joshua, Judges and Ruth
Spring 2017—Matthew 14-28

Teacher: Kermit Hobbs
Coed (S.S. Teachers - Adult)
Location: Choir Room
Time: Wednesday, 6:30 PM (Ongoing)


The registration table is located in the Family Gathering Area at First Suffolk. Registration forms are available below: