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Are you satisfied?

Every one of us has a thirst that goes beyond the physical realm; we long for spiritual refreshment, for the purpose of God in our lives, and for the rich relationship with Jesus we were created to enjoy.

Many people spend their lives trying to quench their soul-thirst with the wrong things.  Join the Life Action team at the upcoming THIRST Conference – four days set apart where you can revisit your love for God, refresh your faith in Him and restore the vision of your soul.

What to expect:

  • Reverent worship
  • High-energy children’s programs
  • Practical teaching from the Bible
  • Special sessions for teens
  • Concentrated time to seek God

Before the Life Action team arrives, clear your family calendar so you can participate in each of the 5 sessions, Sunday morning through Wednesday evening.  There is no cost to attend the Conference.  For more details about the conference please or contact the church office at 757.539.4152.


Sunday, November 5
9:00 am - Joint Adult and Student Bible Study Groups in Santuary
  Thirst Conference Session 1
10:30 am Worship Service & Children's Programs

6:30 pm
Family Worship*
Thirst Conference Session 2

Monday, November 6
 6:30 pm
Family Worship*
Thirst Conference Session 3

Tuesday, November 7
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
True Woman Luncheon

6:30 pm
Family Worship*
Thirst Conference Session 4

Wednesday, November 8
6:30 pm
Family Worship*
Thirst Conference Session 5